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Our organization provides one on one counseling and HUD approved workshops for the City Of Hallandale First Time Homebuyer/Affordable Housing Program. We have helped a significant number of buyers to attain the dream of home ownership. Not just first-time home buyers but anyone interested in educating themselves can benefit from our expertise.

Housing Foundation of America, Inc.,
City of Hallandale Beach, and New Homeowners
celebrating their closing made
possible with the $50K Grant.

The city of Hallandale Program states the following:

Program Overview

The City of Hallandale Beach CRA assists First Time Homebuyers with down payment and/or closing for the purchase of a first home. An individual who has never owned a home or has not owned a home for at least three (3) years.

The Program provides up to $50,000 in assistance to be used towards a down payment and or closing costs. The applicant is required to provide a minimum of $2,000 towards the down payment.

The assistance will become a second mortgage and take the form of a 0% forgivable loan for a ten-year period.

Cliff and Lara Hopmans
Celebrating New Homeownership
in the City of Hallandale Beach.

You must apply and be approved by a financial institution (bank, credit union or mortgage broker) of your choice that has approved the program.

Some Minimum Requirements:

  • You meet the income requirements of 120% AMI or less.
  • You are employed or retired.
  • Have an acceptable credit score.
  • Obtain a first mortgage from a financial institution for the additional funds.

Additional Monies/Funds for Buyer

Applicants are authorized and encouraged to seek additional funding from other sources. When award of additional funds is available the City’s Mortgage must remain in second place.

The City of Hallandale Beach has provided loans, grants and subsidies to first time homebuyers and contractors over the past several years. The city CRA provides the funding for these programs buy may be supplemented by additional funds from the County, State or private grants to first time buyers.

Additional information may be obtained from us by calling 954-923-5001 or visiting our website at www.approvedbyhud.org. We have been provided invaluable grant updates by MortgageGrants.com for this and many other down payment assistance programs across the County.


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