Home Inspections

For Your Protection: Get a Home Inspection

When purchasing a house, home Inspections are one of the most important evaluations you can have. There are many defects and dangers that are difficult to see and can cost you a lot money in the future.

Why a Buyer Needs a Home Inspection

A home inspection gives the buyer more detailed information about the overall condition of the home prior to purchase. A thorough home inspection prior to buying any house is the best prevention against being stuck with major repairs after the purchase. A good home inspector is someone who will look closely at every aspect of a house, from its plumbing and electrical systems to things as simple as the correct operation for kitchen appliances, in order to be sure everything is working properly. Any problems that the home inspector finds can then be dealt with before the purchase of the home, saving the home buyer hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars later on.

In a home inspection, a qualified inspector takes an in-depth, unbiased look at your potential new home to:

  • Evaluate the physical condition: structure, construction, and mechanical systems;
  • Identify items that need to be repaired or replaced; and
  • Estimate the remaining useful life of the major systems, equipment, structure, and finishes.

Appraisals are Different from Home Inspections

An appraisal is different from a home inspection. Appraisals are for lenders; home inspections are for buyers.

An appraisal is required to:

  • Estimate the market value of a house;
  • Make sure that the house meets FHA minimum property standards/requirements; and
  • Make sure that the property is marketable.

FHA Does Not Guarantee the Value or Condition of your Potential New Home

If you find problems with your new home after closing, FHA can not give or lend you money for repairs, and FHA can not buy the home back from you. That is why it is so important for you, the buyer, to get an independent home inspection. Ask a qualified home inspector to inspect your potential new home and give you the information you need to make a wise decision.

Radon Gas Testing

The United States Environmental Protection Agency and the Surgeon General of the United States have recommended that all houses should be tested for radon. For more information on radon testing, call the toll-free National Radon Information Line at 1-800-SOS-Radon or 1-800-767-7236. As with a home inspection, if you decide to test for radon, you may do so before signing your contract, or you may do so after signing the contract as long as your contract states the sale of the home depends on your satisfaction with the results of the radon test.

Be an Informed Buyer

It is your responsibility to be an informed buyer. Be sure that what you buy is satisfactory in every respect. You have the right to carefully examine your potential new home with a qualified home inspector. You may arrange to do so before signing your contract, or may do so after signing the contract as long as your contract states that the sale of the home depends on the inspection.

Popular Inspectors Projects

  • Home Inspection and Testing Home & roofing inspectors, asbestos testing, waterproof inspection, radon gas and toxic lead testing.
  • Roof Inspection/Certification Done separately from repairs.
  • Waterproof Inspection Inspect & certify roof, retaining walls, patios, foundations, etc.