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 Under this program, the Hallandale Beach CRA (HBCRA) provides a maximum amount of $80,000 in down payment assistance for the purchase of a first home in the CRA district. These funds are available to affordable housing buyers (whose income is between 50% and 120% of the Broward County median income guidelines) to be used for gap funding and closing costs. The program also provides an incentive of up to $10,000 in down payment assistance for workforce housing buyers whose income is above 120% but not more than 140% median. An additional $5,000 incentive is available for first responders, teachers and nurses.

Go to for more information.

Download the First Time Home Buyer Program application packet at: FIRST-TIME-HOMEBUYER-PROGRAM.pdf


To be placed on the 2022 Waiting List for a particular unit size and rent rate please follow the link below to complete our Wait List Applicationstarting at 10:00 am on Thursday, January 13, 2022.


The rent schedule is below. Davis Landings units have different rents based on income restrictions for certain apartments and also on the income category of the applicant household which is based on income and family size. You will be called from the Waiting List based on unit availability and if the available unit matches your household size and stated pre-tax income.

Please contact our office at (561) 318-8442 if you are unable to complete the online form.

The Waiting List Application Form must include family size and pre-tax combined household income. That way I can determine which apartment (size and rent rate) you are eligible for. If your income changes or contact information changes, please contact the office so that your Wait List application form can be updated.

The Waiting List is kept until December 31 of each year and then purged. The Waiting List is re-opened the second Thursday in January each year.


Unit Size

Rent per month


700 sq. ft.

$295.00 - $865.00


1,000 sq. ft.

$385.00 - $1,100.00


1,400 sq. ft.



The office is at Davis Landings and is open virtually from Monday  Friday 9:00-5:00.

Other Important Davis Landings Apartment Information:

If a tenant does not renew their lease or if a tenant’s lease is terminated by us, we pull from the Waiting List applications based on unit size, income category and the date the Waiting List Application was submitted.

If your application is pulled from the Waiting List you will need to submit a completed application and the relevant documents from the Checklist.

Additional Davis Landings Rental Information is:

·       The Security Deposit is one month's rent. Then applicants pay the 1st month's rent at the time of move-in.

·       Utilities are not included in the rent. Electricity service is provided by Lake Worth Beach Utilities and the water by PBC Water. The property is wired for Comcast.

·       One pet is allowed and it must be less than 25lbs.

·       The application fee is $30.00 per adult. It involves a background check and credit check. The background/credit check process takes about 7-10 days. No felonies involving crimes against another person or another person's property are allowed.


LaJoya Villages is our partner property. It is located at 1105 6th Ave South, Lake Worth which is between 6th Ave and “F” St in Lake Worth. The LaJoya Waiting List is currently open. LaJoya Villages has 55 affordable 2 and 3 bedroom units for rent. These apartments are income-restricted at 50%AMI and 60%AMI. Please contact the Management Office at 561-945-8424 for information on their Wait List form and policies.




The City of Pompano Beach has Purchase Assistance Funds available!

See 2021 income and purchase price guidelines below

Click the link to download and complete the application checklist for list of required documents: FTHB CHECKLIST 09.10.2021.pdf 



The City of Boca Raton will begin accepting applications at 8:00 am on October 19, 2021. All applications must be submitted through the online application portal; paper applications are not available for this program. Go to for more information


The City of Orlando has down payment assistance funds available! See Income Eligibility Chart below. Click the photo below or go to for more information.



 Community Partners Loan Pool

The North Carolina Housing Finance Agency provides financing to local governments and nonprofit organizations to build and rehabilitate homes for low-wealth North Carolinians. The Community Partners Loan Pool (CPLP) provides qualified home buyers with down payment assistance:

 Up to 20% of the sales price, not to exceed $30,000 (effective May 1, 2018), when using a NC Home Advantage Mortgage™.

Up to 10% of the purchase price when using a USDA’s Section 502 loan.

CPLP assistance is structured as a 0% interest, deferred second mortgage. The term of the CPLP loan matches the term of the first mortgage. The CPLP Loan has no monthly payment and is typically repaid when the home is sold or at the end of the loan term.

 Borrowers may combine a CPLP loan with the NC 1st Home Advantage Down Payment or the NC Home Advantage Tax Credit as well as with other down payment assistance loans or grants.

 The program is available through local community partners.










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