The H2H Homebuyers’ Club


From Homeless to Homeowner...

Hopeless to Hope-filled...

Breaking the cycle at last!

A Program included in the Broward County Housing Council 10 year Plan to end Homelessness



About us:

The logo of the H2H Homebuyers’ Club is the butterfly because in its metamorphosis from a cocoon, ugly and wrinkled, to a beautiful streamlined creature, a butterfly must strive and struggle and suffer to accomplish this change.

So it is with the members of the club: formerly homeless, challenged, self-doubting individuals are brought together with a single objective in mind: to reach the goal of owning a home.

The struggle consists of repair: of credit, old habits and negative attitudes; of re-learning behavior in handling credit, budgeting and saving; re-education in financial matters and wealth development. Even more importantly, understanding the process involved and asserting “I can do this!” with belief in oneself and faith in the partners dedicated to helping.

Help is there! Assistance includes loan programs and forgivable grant subsidies that reduce the cost of a home up to $60,000.

As the full metamorphosis unfolds, and an H2H member moves from a renter or shelter resident to owner occupant, the epiphany takes place of “I did this, maybe I can achieve even more!” The butterfly emerges and rejoices and then reaches out to other cocoons to assist them with their struggle.

A socio-economic paradigm shift happens too: no longer subject to the unpredictability of the rental market and lease renewals, the new homeowner now has a housing cost that is truly affordable at a mostly stable rate for the next 30 years. He/she is removed from the stream of cyclical homeless persons, leaving public funds to care for the mentally ill homeless population.

HFA will be going back to in-person H2H at Fort Lauderdale Housing Authority beginning in March 2024.

See attached below the H2H 2024 Calendar:

H2H Full Year Calendar 2024 Rev 2.xlsx